Yoga by Numbers

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UX, UI, product strategy

Yoga by Numbers website


Yoga by Numbers is a system for learning and practicing yoga on your own terms and the yoga mat features circles that help with alignment. They reached out to us to make an iPad app that would serve as a companion to the mat and provide accessible video content.


Since the target audience consists of people who are new to yoga, we focused on personalized recommendations and making yoga as easy to learn as possible.

Design process

- Product strategy: defining target audience, writing user stories, determining MVP features
- UX: app flow, wireframes, user testing
- UI: mood boards, mockups

The Team

Product Strategist: Matt Bridges
Designer: Maple Kuo (myself)
Developers: Mark Daigneault, Colin Smith, Edward Loveall, David Thyresson, Helen Hood

Yoga by Numbers mockup
Yoga by Numbers app flow

Wireframe sketches

Initial sketches to figure out how to organize video content and levels.
Yoga by Numbers wireframe sketches


The design process started with low-fidelity wireframes so that we, and the client, could focus on functionality and user experience first.
Yoga by Numbers initial wireframes

Activity screen mockup

The user, as well as their healthcare provider, can use the activity screen to see what and when sessions have been completed as well as how the user felt.
Yoga by Numbers activity screen

Session screen mockup

To provide more information for the user, dictionary and in-depth pose video annotations will appear as the video plays.
Yoga by Numbers session screen