Interactive Media Capstone
UX, UI, front-end development

Winner for Interdisciplinary Topics at RISE:2014


Group projects aren’t as effective as they could be. Through a survey of over 200 college students, we found that organization is difficult, individuals never have an equal amount of work, and everyone receives the same grade.


WeTeam is a group project task management tool that provides more transparency in group projects and helps with organization and motivation. A key element is the progress bar, which visually indicates how much work each member has contributed.

Design process

- Research: competitors, surveys, interviews
- Wireframes: layouts, interactions, iterations
- Front-end development: HTML/CSS, Sass, Twitter Bootstrap, UI kit
- User testing: testing our product and modifying our product to make it more intuitive

The Team

Design: Maple Kuo (myself), Sarah Park, Nicole Nussbaum, John Reardon
Development: Matt Gowie, Craig Berry
Professor: Mark Sivak

WeTeam project view
WeTeam contact information

Dispute a task

To ensure students are doing equal amounts of work, students can dispute a group member’s task if they find that a task has not been completed properly.

WeTeam dispute modal


Designers created wireframes in Balsamiq, then gave them to the developers who built the backend and HTML framework. After that, the designers then styled the site using CSS and Sass.

WeTeam wireframe


The team with Northeastern University’s President and Provost after winning the interdisciplinary topics category at RISE (Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo).

WeTeam at RISE