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Everyone has different music tastes. During gatherings, road trips, etc, one person ends up controlling the music and people end up being forced to listen to one person’s music collection.


A collaborative music playlist app that lets anyone in range add songs to a central playlist.

Design process

- Product strategy: writing user stories, researching competitors
- UX: app flow, wireframes
- UI: mood boards, mockups

The Team

Designers: Maple Kuo (myself) and Guilherme Schmitt
Developers: Matt Bridges, Mark Daigneault, Logan Wright, Colin Smith, Nick Brewer, Eve Asher

Qup mockup
Qup app flow

Wireframe sketches

Some initial sketches for search and figuring out how to organize the information and how many results users wanted to see.
Qup sketch for search

Mood board

To help brainstorm a visual direction, we collected visual inspiration based on adjectives we wanted to evoke.
Qup mood board


Fun fact: the name “qup” was inspired by how users could queue up music to a central playlist.
Qup logo

Onboarding screens

A fun animation that explains how the app works in way that is informative and engaging.
Qup onboarding

Apple Watch

Qup is also available as a watch app! See the playlist queue right from your wrist. It was really interesting designing for a device that none of us had at the time and working within Apple’s HIG limitations.
Qup Apple watch